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Like you, I’m a parent. I became a Mom for the first time in 2013 and again in early 2016.

I’m a Mom to two lively boys. My eldest is just like me; strong willed and stubborn with a marshmallow centre. My youngest is the most laid back, chilled-out 2 year old, who looks and acts just like his Dad. I thank God daily for blessing me as He has with these two little souls.

Like most first time parents, I entered my eldest into a Baby Competition, along with about 800 other babies, at a local shopping centre in my home town.

I thought he’d win.

He didn’t.

Neither did the other baby that was also in his age-group. And he was SUPER CUTE I remember thinking that this kid is going to win for sure, so I was surprised when he didn’t even place in the Top 10.

That’s baby competitions for you.

So rather than moan about it I thought I’d try my hand at running my own baby competition. And “ta-da”, just like that Cute Baby came into being.

Let’s just be clear on one thing; I think ALL babies are cute. So in terms of being objective and able to pick a monthly winner? I’d fail. Miserably. Which is why I have nothing to do with who wins.

That’s where you come in.

I’ve created a website for other parents, like me, who think their child is cute and would like the world to know about it! Or at the very least their friends, family, work colleagues and anyone who stops by to admire their little one. Check out the very cool “Share this Entry” button on each entry. And each month there’s R8,000 of store vouchers up for grabs to our winners.

Since 2014 Cute Baby has grown and we now have Cute Kid and Cute Pet. We are also a registered company trading under Cutify Media and Marketing which means, like any company we trade responsibly and transparently. And like any company; we have overheads and expenses that need to be covered each month.

Many people out there have been critical about Cute Baby and our other websites labeling it a ‘scam’. Back in 2014, when we started out, this used to really upset me (I’m talking tears!). But over time I’ve learnt that I can not be held responsible for how other people feel. Our competitions are not for everyone. I get that.

This is not a scam. Our competitions are legitimate, as are the prizes. Voting is entirely optional! You can enter your little one and not vote once, that’s entirely up to you. Cutify Media and Marketing merely provides a platform and facilitates a monthly competition that is both fun and interactive. The key word in this statement is “FUN” and we want those taking part to have the most amount of fun they can!

I have BIG plans for Cute Baby; what is fundamentally a competition site right now will, one day, become the website for parents within South Africa. With interesting articles, special offers, tips/advice, kidisms, pic of the week…you get the idea!

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Good Luck!

Sharon (Cutify Media and Marketing Co-Founder)

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