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And the winners are…

During December 2015 we ran our first ever Cute Baby Grand Finale. The idea sprang to mind in the early start-up phase of Cute Baby back in August 2014. Wouldn’t it be cool, we thought, to have another competition, which was exclusive (only those that had already won would be able to take part) and […]


How to tame a tantrum throwing toddler.

If you’re the parent of a child over the age of 14 months old, chances are that he or she has started throwing the most hair-raising tantrums. Consider yourself very lucky if he or she bypassed this all together! However most of us should be prepared for this next phase. How exactly do you tame […]

Rear-facing is so much better, studies show

The benefits of keeping young children in rear-facing car seats for as long as possible – until the child’s height and age demands otherwise – have been given an added boost by European i-Size legislation. In the light of the attention given to rear-facing car seats, we thought we’d dedicate some space into why this […]

New child car-seats vs second hand

The cost of a new car safety seat model may be a genuine concern for many parents, but the cost of medical care for injuries sustained because an ineffective used car seat, which had not provided adequate protection (not to mention the personal trauma of having your child injured) is a huge inducement for opting […]

Parents should welcome change to car-seat safety

As we head off for the long Easter weekend, make sure your child is buckled-up in an approariate child car safety seat or face the penalties. Cute Baby in collaboration with Maxi-Cosi South Africa, will be highlighting the topic of car-seat safety throughout April. Please share these articles so that parents are educated about this […]