Our contribution to charity

Since January 2017, Cute Baby has been making charitable donations each month to a deserving children’s charity or child related causes. The donation is paid over to the charity 60 days after the close of the competition. If you’d like to highlight a particular charity please contact us.

December 2018

Zanethemba (isiXhosa: ‘to bring hope’) is a baby haven, located in the Eastern Cape, where they provide temporary safe care for abused, abandoned or neglected children from newborn to 6 years old. It is a sad fact that a service like this is necessary in our South African context. Children are removed from their families and then placed in their care with a court order. They provide therapeutic services, education, nutrition, access to medical assistance and most importantly, love, in order to show children how to trust and love again. Please visit their website to find out more about the work that they’re currently undertaking; http://www.zanethemba.org/


November 2018

Orange Babies South Africa is a HIV NGO foundation that was established to help pregnant women with HIV and their babies in Africa and are a branch of the Dutch Orange Babies NGO. Orange Babies also supports children who are infected with or directly affected by HIV. They provide help by offering information programs and medical care and by building orphanages, maternity clinics and shelters for these women and children. Please visit their website to find out more about the work that they’re currently undertaking; http://orangebabies.org.za


October 2018

The Lighthouse Baby shelter was founded in June 2008 by Eleanor Dustan. Eleanor has been passionate about children all her life. In December 2007 Eleanor realized that she wanted and needed to make a lasting impact where children in South Africa were concerned. The need was and still is GREAT in this country for children that have been abandoned, abused, neglected and the HIV orphans. The shelter takes care of children from birth to the age of six years and is located in Sundowner in Johannesburg. To see the amazing work that Eleanor and her team are doing, please visit their website; http://www.thelighthousebabyshelter.co.za/


September 2018

Around the world, September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month so we’re proudly supporting Rainbows and Smiles this month. They provide emotional, social and financial support to families and caregivers in need when a child (or children) of that family is diagnosed with cancer. Rainbows and Smiles encourage childhood cancer advocacy and GOLD RIBBON AWARENESS to educate people, in the hope of promoting early detection. Their principles include creating hope, smiles and relief for families and caregivers of children with cancer. Please visit their website to find out how you can support them moving forward; https://www.rainbowsandsmiles.org.za/


August 2018

Home Meah  was opened in September 2012 and is located in Newcastle. Home Meah provides care for abandoned, abused and neglected babies and they currently have 25 little ones that they are caring for. This charity is in need of more publicity as it’s relatively small and not well known, so please visit their facebook page and follow them and see the amazing work that they’re doing. https://www.facebook.com/MeahCare/

Thanks to your participation during August, we raised R2,000 for this remarkable charity.

(A special thanks to Thuli Nkosi of the local Newcastle Municipality for nominating Home Meah)

July 2018

Ubuntu House was opened in September 2003 and the first baby was taken in within the same month. Since then we have already cared for 528 babies and placed 425 with adopted parents and 93 reunited with their birth parents. Our aim is to have these babies adopted before the age of three months but sometimes for various reasons they stay for longer periods. 

You can find out more about Ubuntu House by visiting their website. http://ubuntuhouse.co.za
Thanks to your participation during July, we raised R2,000 for this remarkable charity.

June 2018

Placed in the heart of the community Northwood Children’s Hospice offer some of the very sick children of Port Elizabeth and its surrounds, a warm place of respite and care. They provide support for the children’s siblings and families and a team of dedicated professionals offer the medical skills and palliative care and support geared to the needs of the whole family.

 You can find out more about Northwood visiting their website. http://northwoodchildrenshospice.org

Thanks to your participation during June, we raised R2,000 for this remarkable charity.

May 2018

The Sunflower Fund creates awareness and educates the public about the need for and the process involved in becoming blood stem cell donors.
As a national non-profit organisation, they’re dedicated to growing the Registry. The Fund’s work aims to give all South Africans diagnosed with leukaemia and other life-threatening blood disorders a better chance of finding matching stem cell donors in order for them to be treated and, hopefully, cured.

You can find out more about The Sunflower Fund by visiting their website. https://www.sunflowerfund.org.za/
Thanks to your participation during May, we raised R2,000 for this remarkable charity.

April 2018