i-Size the next generation in car seats for children

The development and availability of i-Size purpose-built child car safety seats, based on extensive research, is the next level in child car seat safety. European legislation set out in 2013, which is responsible for the design of the i-Size child safety seat, addresses additional protective measures offered by child car restraints.

The latest legislation in car seat laws calls for improvements in protective safety measures in car seats for babies and young children up to around four years old. Parents are also given guidance as to when to move children out of rear-facing car seats and into forward-facing ones. The regulation insists that children up to at least 15 months old should continue to be strapped in a rear-facing restraint as it protects a young child better.

It’s not about weight, it’s about height

The period a child spends in a rear-facing car seat has been extended. Previously, children over 9 kg or between 8 and 9 months, were placed in forward-facing car restraints. After much research being conducted, the new legislation requires children to be kept in rear-facing car seats up until they are 15 months old. This is because during its first year, a child’s neck is not as yet ready to support its heavy head with the forces of extreme deceleration in the impact of a collision.

Key benefits of i-Size

1. Enhanced support for the head and neck, and improved frontal and side protection are significant protective benefits to i-Size child car seats.

2. The innovative five-point harness is another key addition to the engineering design that helps a child remain in the seat even during a roll-over in a car accident.

3. Car seats for children are chosen more accurately according to child’s height and not weight which also ensures a better, more snug fit.

4. i-Size car safety seats can be installed very easily (no seatbelt to wrap around it required), and are suitable for all i-Size certified cars and almost all ISOFIX cars.

Continuing on in its tradition of providing parents with innovative and quality child car restraints, Maxi-Cosi / Bébé Confort, a leading manufacturer of child car seat design and engineering, offers a full portfolio of i-Size compliant car seats that is available in South Africa.

To highlight our support of #CarSafetyMonth, Cute Baby SA and Maxi-Cosi SA will be giving the WINNER of our April competition a Maxi-Cosi Tobi car-seat (colour; confetti) valued at over R4,000. 

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