Rear-facing is so much better, studies show

The benefits of keeping young children in rear-facing car seats for as long as possible – until the child’s height and age demands otherwise – have been given an added boost by European i-Size legislation. In the light of the attention given to rear-facing car seats, we thought we’d dedicate some space into why this type in car restraints for babies is a better choice.


Backwards is Better

Research based on the injuries and child fatalities linked to child car restraints have been an eye-opener for parents. One study conducted in 2007 revealed that children under the age of two benefited better from rear-facing car seats – up to 75 percent of children were less likely to receive severe injuries or death. The danger of front-facing seats lessens these odds dramatically. Another study concluded that infants were as much as 5 times better protected in rear-facing car seats.

Such studies have boosted the call for parents to keep their little ones strapped into rear-facing car restraints until they have outgrown them, which is usually after 15 months.

The science behind using rear-facing car seats for babies

The laws of physics support car safety seats for children by distributing the force of the impact of a collision over the child’s whole body. The baby’s head, neck and spine is more effectively supported during an accident. In addition, the baby’s limbs are also protected from being crushed or severely injured.

It is also found that due to the rear-facing position, babies are not easily affected by whiplash. The back of the safety seat absorbs most of the impact, providing greater protection for the body composition of a child under the age of two

Advice for parents who have babies under two years of age who have already reached the weight or height restrictions of their rear-facing car seat, can opt to use an appropriate booster seat instead of switching to forward-facing.

Parents are urged to look past the convenience of forward-facing seats. These may allow for easier interaction with a child, but, the protection afforded by rear-facing car seats (even if awkward to use) is incomparable for babies under the age of two.


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